Professional development

Teaching by Design offers a range of research-based professional development opportunities from one day workshops to programs specifically designed to meet the needs of your school.

Led by Helen Egeberg, Teaching by Design provides school teams with the opportunity to understand and develop a variety of skills and strategies applicable to all classrooms.


Our workshops

  1. Classroom Management

    - Classroom management strategies from low key techniques through to diffusing power struggles.

  2. Lesson Design and Assessment for Learning

    - Focus is on how we as teachers can ensure learning in our classroom. We use the research of Madeline Hunter into Mastery Teaching and combine this with the work of Dylan Black on Assessment for Learning.

  3. Inductive and Deductive Thinking

    - Teaching and learning strategies including Taba’s Inductive Thinking and Bruner’s Concept Attainment.

  4. Graphic Organisers

    - Use Mind maps, Concept maps and Association maps as part of the teaching and learning process.

  5. Effective Cooperative Learning

    - Uses Johnson and Johnson’s work on the 5 key elements of effective cooperative learning to develop good practice in the classroom.

  6. Framing Questions

    - This workshop focuses on how we as teachers can ensure active participation in our classroom – the balance between safety and accountability – through the use of effective questioning.

  7. Criteria and Rubrics

    - Develop an understanding of what it takes to truly create authentic, valid and educative assessment.